Wednesday, August 21, 2019

More cards I bought

While I was still in a drought, before the deluge of free cards, I made a deal to buy some cards off a guy on Craigslist. $10 for about a 1,000 cards, of which 350 were baseball from a variety of years, and most of the rest were late 1970s football. Unlike vintage baseball, I'll be able to resist becoming a full-on football collector, but the chance to get so many for pretty cheap appealed to me. If there wasn't significant baseball too I probably wouldn't have bothered.

Looked like all the stars were pulled from this collection. One star snuck through though. Just right now I thought to check on how much that card goes for. I was thinking maybe it's worth the $10 by itself. Just checked and WOW - I did a lot better than I thought. If you're curious go straight to the end of the post, otherwise scroll through and see what else I got.

75-80% of the football cards were 1979 and 1980 Topps. Several hundred cards that will have to be sorted at some point. I think I had a lot of 1980 already but not much 1979.
 There were plenty from 1974-1978 though. This one is the most appropriate for a baseball card blog. The back mentions that his dad is the manager of the Mets.
 I love the cartoons on the back of the cards. This one is a head-scratcher though. The cartoon and the caption don't match.
 There was also plenty of early-1980s Fleer, with lots of dirty-sounding captions.
 There were a few random cards from hockey and basketball. Hopefully the hockey cards are useful for some of the hockey-for-baseball trades I'm working on.
 Finally, moving on to baseball. There was lots of mid-70s to mid-80s stuff, nothing I needed unfortunately. There was also lots of cards from the 06-09 era, like this run of Upper Decks.
 There were lots of parallels which is great too, including lots of Leaf Black Gold and '97 Topps Chrome.
 Like I said all of the stars were gone from this lot, but I guess the guy didn't know baseball cards well and was just looking for familiar names. This is the rookie card of David Ortiz before he changed his name. While writing this post I checked online to see what they were going for, hoping that maybe it was worth the $10 by itself. The cheapest I can find online is $65. Wow!


  1. That was a huge score for $10! Even without the Ortiz RC you got some great cards (and yes I'd be interested in the '79-80 hockey.)

  2. I had no idea that David Ortiz was once known as David Arias. Good score there, Bo!

  3. Just like the Twins, that guy will regret letting Ortiz go...Nice haul!

  4. Great lot without the Ortiz, with it wow! Those 79 and 80 Football cards were the first ones I collected you had me from the beginning.

  5. Ooh, trade you for some of the Fleer Team Actions!

  6. I had no idea about David Arias. Cool story.

  7. Sweet Ortiz! I mean... Arias.