Sunday, August 25, 2019

Highly Awesome and Completely Fantastic

I reached out to Brian of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary about doing a little hockey-for-baseball trade and he sent me an amazing package of vintage baseball cards. I'm going to have to work hard to match this.

Some super sixties cards. Pat Corrales is eyeing that Norm Siebern card. You'll see that again on an installment of "vintage backgrounds".
You'll also be seeing some of these fantastic '59s in those posts as well. That Blasingame is my personal favorite.
  Finally, some terrific cards from the early- and mid-50's. How many times can you say you got a card of your favorite team's manager's grandfather? Also got a Yankee legend here, and an early version of Topps butchering a player's cap (Check out the generic "B" on Randy Jackson's Brooklyn Dodgers hat).

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  1. Geez, that's a big time trade! I really dig the Howard and Podres.