Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Hockey - here's the plan

One of the boxes looked to be all hockey with a tiny amount of baseball thrown in. One section looked to be all hockey and I wasn't even going to look at it that closely, but I noticed one card in the row that was different from the others, a sliver of brown among the white, so I checked just to be diligent.
Wow, how did that get in there? I already have the card, but what a cool thing to find among all the 90's hockey. It made me realize that I would really have to get into all the hockey boxes to find stray baseball cards. I've started going through them and found a couple, though nothing yet like this.

I've come up with my plan for the 50,000 or so hockey cards. In the next day or two I'm going to reach out to SMR and maybe one of two of the people on Craigslist who post that they buy cards, as well as put it up on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, and see if I get any offers for the collection.

**I'd be happy to pull cards for trades before I sell - let me know ASAP though. There are no big name stars (i.e. Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby etc). I think there aren't any Islanders either. If there are sets you are interested in, let me know; about half the collection is in set form (unorganized). The other half is mostly groups of cards by player. If there is a 90-00s minor star you are interested (names I've seen a lot include Rob Niedermeyer, Mike York, Anson Carter; lots of others like these), I can try that too as they seem to have been sorted somewhat alphabetically. They aren't sorted by team so if you are a team collector let me know who on that team might fit that description.**

If anyone just wants a big box of hockey cards and can trade baseball for it, I'm happy to do that. And anyone who can drive out to Long Island and wants to pick up the whole collection; I'd be glad to swing that kind of deal as well.


  1. If you feel like pulling out all the Devils cards and Peter Worrell (early '00s Panthers/Avalanche enforcer) in those boxes I'd be happy to take them off your hands. And any 2003-04 Topps parallels in your earlier post, no matter what team.

    I'm putting together a vintage baseball lot that I can send you and I'll send you an email today or tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. If you can take a look to see if there are any Miroslav Satan cards (he would be with Edmonton and Buffalo in the mid to late 90s til mid 00s, Islanders, Penguins, and Bruins in the mid to late 00s) let me know at jafronius716 at gmail.com. I'll have to check out your want list to see if I have something in exchange. Thanks!

  3. I spy tons of 96/97 BAP hockey. I opened up so much of that stuff. Each pack contained an on-card autograph. Good times.