Saturday, July 28, 2018

Fabulous fifties

Once a year or so I do a trade with SpastikMooss of The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. I trade him a big box of non-baseball cards (hard to trade with other bloggers) that he flips on COMC, and I pick out some COMC baseball cards that he sends me in return. Now that I'm a vintage man, this really worked out nicely for me. I was pleasantly surprised by what I could find for a buck or two each on that site, most of these were closer to $1.

Despite the title of this post I did pick up one card later than the '50s. Pretty awesome to get a playing-days Whitey Ford - my first one. Sure it's missing one corner but that barely detracts from this awesome card. I think 1967 is becoming my favorite vintage set.
 I got a nice boost to my 1959s. As you can see I went heavily on Yankees, but not exclusively. I was amazed at how cheaply you could get an Elston Howard card. I really liked the photo on the Duke Maas card. I also highlighted Sam Esposito as he just passed away earlier this month.
 Four Yankees from the '58 set.
 These are my first '57s. I really love the design with the emphasis on the photo.
 Finally, the three oldest cards in the set. Steady Eddie Lopat is another star I was surprised at how cheap his cards were. Cot Deal is my first '54. And getting a '53 Yankee for $1.25 is amazing. Ray Scarborough died 35 years ago but if he were still alive would have just turned 101.