Thursday, July 5, 2018

1993 Studio Larry Walker

Hobbies are hockey, bowling, magic and golf: Walker played street hockey as a kid with future NHL star Cam Neely. In 2014 Walker bowled a 300 game.
Favorite sports announcer is Don Cherry: Not surprising that Walker, a Canadian, chose a hockey announcer.
Favorite player as a kid was Mike Bossy: Bossy and Walker were in the 1992 Pinnacle Idols subset.
Most prized possessions are his golf clubs: I think this is the lamest “prized possession” yet.
Might have been a lumberjack if he hadn’t been an athlete: But one of the best answers to this question.
Where he is now: He does some occasional charity golf and pretty active on Twitter; other than that keeping a fairly low profile.

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