Sunday, July 15, 2018

1993 Studio Benito Santiago

Hobby is cars: Santiago has had some issues with his cars, getting injured crashing his Ferrari in 1998, and arrested for smoking marijuana in his Mercedes in 2012.

Favorite sports announcer is Chris Berman: Berman called him Benito “Il Duce” Santiago.

Favorite player as a kid was Johnny Bench: Great role model for a young player.

Might have been a race car driver if he hadn’t been a baseball player: He certainly liked expensive cars. Don’t know if that would have translated to actually racing them successfully.

Pet peeve is taxes: While Santiago has had various legal troubles he seems to have at least always paid his taxes.

Where he is now: He is involved in various community activities in San Francisco and Puerto Rico.

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  1. The SCCA...Sports Car Club of America...has a beginner class where you basically show up with a car with a roll cage and a helmet and they let you compete. You are competing against the clock, not other cars, but it does count as racing. He can still accomplish that!