Saturday, July 7, 2018

Coke and vintage

Kerry of Cards on Cards had an extra 1981 Coca-Cola Cardinals set to trade. I worked out a trade for those plus a bunch of really cool vintage cards, instead for some modern Cardinals and sets needs that he had.

Here are the Cokes. I don't drink soda at all, but I really like both the Coke and Pepsi logos.
 Four 1961 cards were the oldest ones he sent. I love the back of the Grim card - "Long considered one of the weakest hitter in the game, Bob amazed everyone - himself included - by blasting a grand slam homer to beat the White Sox 10-8."
 1965 McCarver and two '71s.
 A few '72s highlighted by a sweaty Joe Torre.
 73's an 74's. The Bernie Carbo card might be the oldest card of a player with an untucked jersey.
 Two regular '75s, and two minis. Down to just 56 left to complete the regular set. I now have three '75 minis, all Cardinals.
 '76 and '77. The shortstop behind Lou Brock is Jackie Hernandez, who last played for the Pirates in '73, making that photo at least two years out of date. And what is that thing hanging out of John Curtis's pocket?


  1. Eagle eye..I don't know that I would have noticed all the details you pointed out. The text on older cards can be so snarky!

    You don't drink soda at all? I envy you. Got hooked as a kid and still drink too much of it. I don't drink beer though..fwiw.

    I'm going through your wantlist this weekend and I will e-mail you about a possible trade.

  2. That 76T Brock is awesome! I wish I knew guys enough to call out Jackie Hernandez. That's some serious baseball knowledge.

  3. Glad you liked the cards! I drank tons of soda as a kid (mostly Pepsi) but pretty much stopped drinking it altogether. Beer, on the other hand...