Sunday, December 31, 2017

Trade with Card Buzz

Card Buzz is a blog I had followed for years but had never gotten around to trading with until recently. He has a lot of fun mini-collections so it was enjoyable putting together a trade package for him. The one he sent me was full of great stuff, both hits from my wantlists as well as fun randoms.

This iconic card was the last one I needed to finish 1994 Upper Deck.
He also knocked out my last 1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier need.
I had an autographed copy of this Aaron Judge rookie, happy to get a "clean" version as well.
Lots of awesome random stuff, like lots of Mattinglys (no, not an '84 rookie but a '17 Bergers Best) . . .
. . . and Teixeiras.
Lots of other cool randoms, like this game-used gauze pad. (Not really, just looks like one)
 Shiny Godzilla!
 Awesome vintage Bobby Murcer.
 Holy Cow! Phil Rizzuto was my favorite announcer growing up, nice to see a card of him as a broadcaster, even in jest.


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