Tuesday, December 5, 2017

More from Dime Box Nick

Did my second trade in a month with Nick of Dime Boxes. Once again he sent me a fantastic package with some absolutely wonderful cards.

There were lots of great modern cards but more and more I find myself getting interested in older cards. Like this great Renata Galasso card of Jim Bouton as a Brewer.
 You would think I have all or at least most Topps-issued cards from the late 1980s. But I had never had a card from this set before. I love how the design blends with the picture to make it look like Carney Lansford has a giant head or is swinging a tiny bat.
 Mothers Cookies cards are always great. Love the uniform and how you get to see so much of the Astrodome, which isn't usually captured on a card.
 Like last time Nick threw in a smattering of vintage. It's kind of weird - I refuse to actively collect vintage (don't want to go down that financial rabbit-hole) but they are becoming the highlight of a lot of trade packages lately. Two great rookie cards here.
 I love these 1970 Topps card-sized comic books.
 My first 1965's! And one is a Hall of Famer!
 Oldest card in the package was this 1962 card. Condition doesn't mean anything to me for even modern cards, no problem at all with a beat up card that is 55 years old. Ed Hobaugh pitched three seasons in the majors, all for the Senators.


  1. Glad you enjoyed everything! Whoever cropped/framed that Lansford card is a genius.

  2. Galassos are a great addition to any collection, esp my own. ;) Nick is a cardboard Superman!