Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Contest winnings from Johnny's Trading Spot

Recently Johnny of the Trading Spot acquired an enormous haul of vintage cards, most of them big stars. He held a contest to give away some of the leftovers, and I was fortunate enough to win. It's been years since I won a big contest like that so I was very excited.

Most of what Johnny sent were Hall-of-Famers from the 1970s. As I don't actively collect these sets (even as I am growing to enjoy them more and more) it's unlikely I would have ever gotten these cards. This contest win really beefed up the star power of my little vintage collection.

Cards from the early '70s. My first ever playing-days card of Willie Mays! Amazing! Also my first ever playing-days card of Al Kaline. I also love how the Sporting News card uses an actual page from the Sporting News. I wonder if they are all the same.
 Mid-70s. Never thought I'd own the Gary Carter rookie, that is an iconic one from my youth. I already have the full 1978 set so that Nolan Ryan is up for trade (I believe I have a better condition copy and am fine trading the better one).
Finally, to switch it up, my first cards from the 2017 Topps Fire set. There are two designs, one with a blue border and a full color picture, and one with a red border and the uniform in color but the players' face and arms in black-and-white, I have no idea why.
Thanks again, Johnny!


  1. Great group of cards! John sent must have gotten a number of '71 Bench's and Kaline's, as those two were in the package he just sent me as well.

  2. You both are welcome, thanks for playing along.