Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Trade with Baseball Card Breakdown

Got some great cards in yet another trade with the great Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown. Some highlights . . .

Over a dozen Chase Headley cards. Most featured him on the Padres. When I received this package a week ago Headley was still on the Yankees; now he's back on the Padres. He never really amounted to much in his time with the Bronx.
 Over two dozen Mark Teixeira cards! Tex is one of my favorite Yankees of recent years so it was exciting seeing all of these come in.
 There were lots of other cards too, like these shiny current Yankee stars.
 As usual Gavin included some of his great customs. I really like the Mattingly cards in the hockey and football designs. Next year I'll probably flip them over to Al for "real" cards next year but I really do like those two.

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