Friday, December 1, 2017

Street trade - a card from the National

I had two Jeters and a Rivera in that purchase I made last week - I flipped them to Al for a few more baseball cards.

Two Bengie Molina cards that I liked the looks of, plus this really intriguing Larry Doby card that says "5th National" on the front.
 Sure enough it is from the National baseball card show - the 1984 convention which was held at the Aspen Hotel in Parsippany, NJ.
The Aspen Hotel was torn down in the mid-1990s.


  1. Ok, now that is very cool. What a find!

  2. IIRC Doby was a guest at that show. There's a whole set of cards from that show; I still have mine.

  3. Nice! I have a Bud Harrelson from that same 5th National, though that one has a different design than the Doby. Sometimes I think it'd be fun to get a card from every National (or at least the ones where they gave cards away).