Thursday, December 21, 2017

Anyone have a 1996 Topps Tony McKnight to trade?

A few weeks ago I pulled a bunch of Phillies cards for a trade with Rocker Al but ended up with a bunch left over he didn't want. I figured it was a good time for a blind trade with a Phillies collector. I didn't actually know any but I looked around a bit and found Brad's Blog. I sent a box of Phillies his way and he sent me a package with lots of really cool cards.

One thing this trade did was make me realize that I had not completed the 1996 Topps set as I had thought. I was double-checking this Mickey Mantle tribute card from that set when I realized that though I had that card, I was somehow missing #18, Tony McKnight. Anyone have one to trade? Maybe someone can use this Mantle in return?
 This package also made me make some decisions as to what should count as part of my collection. I had been hearing about buybacks for years but had avoided getting any until now, delaying my decision as to how I would treat them until I had my own. I have decided that buybacks are not unique cards but are just regular cards that have been defaced. As it is I needed both of these anyway but wouldn't mind swapping them out for non-buybacks if I come across them.
 An on-card auto of a one-time Yankee prospect, very cool. I already have this card but of course I am keeping an autographed version.
 Here is a relic card of an ESPN sportscaster. A relic of a baseball player from A&G counts in my collection. So would a non-player base card. But I think a non-player relic does not count, so this is up for trade.
 Most of the cards of course were no-doubters. Like this beautiful sepia refractor.
 Or this fantastic Roberto Clemente card. I love vintage photos of players autographing for fans.


  1. hi bo. i have a 96 mcknight i can send you. please email me your address to confirm. thanks! gcrlATcomcastDOTnet

  2. My dad always hated that 1996 Mantle card. Still have a couple copies of it though.