Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cecil Fielder and the vintage Hall of Famers

Yet another trade with Scott Crawford of I Need New Hobbies, one of my regular go-to trading partners. I finished off his 2002 Topps set (minus one pesky checklist) and also sent a bunch of 1997 Leaf. In return was a trade package with two distinct components.

A while back Scott bought a collection with several hundred Cecil Fielder cards. I decided to take one of each that I didn't have already. Ended up getting 37 cards of one of the heroes of the 1996 World Series.
 Here are some of my favorites. The two on the right are unlicensed. That O-Pee-Chee reminds you of how big he was, best photo in the group. And while I don't usually count Panini stickers as cards, I had never seen these 1991 stickers before - the paperstock is about as thick as a regular card. I think I'll consider it a card.
 The other half was twelve well-loved vintage Hall-of-Famers. I'm slipping further and further down the vintage rabbit hole. My favorites are my first playing-days card of Bob Gibson, and the '68 Kaline.

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  1. Big Daddy was one of my favorites as a kid especially that insane season where he was just launching balls out of Detroit.