Friday, October 21, 2016

Sets completed and sets almost there

I recently had the honor of being the first trade partner in over a year for Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. Matt focused his part of the trade on completing or near-completing a whole bunch of sets for me. The cards I have left over in these sets are primarily commons or minor stars that I bet a bunch of you trade partners out there could help me out with.

1988 Donruss rookies - COMPLETE! The checklist was the last one I needed.
1992 Donruss Triple Play - down to two common cards - #94 Lenny Dyktstra and #222 Billy Hatcher.
 1994 Leaf Limited - COMPLETE!
 1993 Select - Just one card left but it's a biggie - the Derek Jeter rookie.
 1996 Topps - this should have been completed, but I had made an error in my want list and I still need one more - #189 John Smoltz.
2002 Topps is maddening because I bought a "complete set" that turned out to be missing two key cards. The Mauer rookie was one. I still need #365 which was the Barry Bonds 73rd Home Run card. They made 73 different versions of that card, I would just want one version to complete the set.
 2006 Topps - COMPLETE! Jeter was the only card I needed.
 2011 Topps - COMPLETE!
1993 Ultra - down to just one card - #639 Roberto Alomar.

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  1. Hey Bo,

    Definitely have the 96 Topps Smoltz, more than likely have the 2 Triple Plays, and 93 Ultra Alomar.