Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Heavy metal street trade

It seems like most baseball card bloggers are into 80s/90s alternative music judging from blogs like Night Owl, Dime Boxes and Off Hiatus. I'm not a huge music person but I guess I could be considered a metal head, as my tastes run more to Dio, Ozzy, Iron Maiden etc. Someone who is really into metal is Al, my main baseball card street vendor. He has a band called Down by my Sins. Listening to some of their songs, they're amateur but actually pretty good. Al is on the left in this video:

Al keeps bugging me to go to his show on Friday - I'm not going to go but if anyone is going to be in New York and wants to check out something different it would probably be a good time.
Yesterday I traded him a few cards each of several Yankee stars  - Mattingly, Matsui, Pettitte, Jeter - all vertical with stats on the back as those seem to be the style of card that sells the best. Here are some of the cards I picked in return:

Ragira would make a pretty good name for a metal band. He played three years in the Giants system. I had never heard of him - just picked the card because I love the awesome shiny super-refractor design.
 This refractor looks really good in person - Bob Gibson's name and photo really look great in the refractor effect.
 I also picked some older cards, like this Big Unit.
 And this Woolworths Mike Schmidt oddball.


  1. I think I might be the only card blogger who prefers country music...I like the refractors as well!

  2. I fall into the everything but rap camp..

  3. It depends on my mood... one day it's the Beastie Boys... the next day it's The Police. Heck... my students even have me listening to Drake & Justin Bieber.