Saturday, March 9, 2013

Randy Marshall on baseball cards

After Eric Bickhardt mentioned his former teammate Randy Marshall in my interview with him, I looked up the former first baseman. I found that Marshall, who hit 17 home runs in three seasons in the Rangers organization, is now a Product Availability Supervisor at PepsiCo in Florida. I wrote to him and he quickly responded to my questions about baseball cards.

"My favorite card of all time is the Billy Ripken card with F^#& Face written on the end of the bat.  Priceless.  I do not collect cards, I had a ton of them growing up from all sports.  In high school, one of my good friends went through them all and took everything of value.  He did end up giving me a Wayne Gretzky rookie card, when I got married.  It was mine to begin with, along with 3 others and a bunch of others that I will never see again.  I still have the Gretzky card in a drawer by my bed."

Thanks! Here is a card of Marshall from my collection.

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