Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free cards in Brooklyn

I answered a Craigslist post and ended up getting several thousand free cards from a guy in Brooklyn. There was too much for me to carry on the subway, so he was kind enough to let me go through boxes of cards in the foyer of his brownstone for half an hour. He still has about 10,000 cards left to give away - mostly "junk wax" (some of which were possibly complete sets of 86 Topps, 87 Topps, 88 Donruss, definitely complete 89, 90 and 91 Topps Traded) but there was a lot of vintage baseball and football which I don't touch because every collection has got to have some limits. I even saw stuff like '75 Topps Mini and '77 Topps Cloth. His apartment is a block away from the R train so easy to get to for a New Yorker (like Night Owl, for example). If you want to get the rest of the cards, here's the link to his Craigslist post - tell him Bo sent you!

As for what I got, here are some highlights:
A ton of 1992 Leaf, both regular and Black Gold. There will be a lot to trade from both, like this Black Gold Rickey, of which there were at least two.
 A ton of 1993 Leaf. Again, will be tons to trade if anyone is interested.
 There were two complete 1992 Score Procter & Gamble sets. I'm keeping one - one is up for trade. Eighteen cards, still in their wrapper.
 A complete 1988 CMC AAA All Star set. I didn't have any of these cards, and it's a great set with lots of big names like Randy Johnson and Gary Sheffield. The DH was Lonnie Smith who had ten years of minor league experience at that point.
 A complete Ames 20/20 Club set. Ames was once one of the largest discount retailers in the US. There is a website called Ames Fan Club with interesting forums about Ames and other defunct retailers, and the traces you can find of them today. Interesting stuff.
 Lots of 1993 Donruss Triple Play, including this classic.
 Cowboy Nolan Ryan. I actually contemplated getting a similar card at the flea market over the weekend, but decided against it. (Slim pickings at the flea market dime boxes lately.) I'm glad I did as I now got this one free!
 Lots of minor league cards, including a near-complete set of '91 Line Drive AA. Will have some cards to trade from this set for sure.
 Tons of 1992 Stadium Club, including this beauty. Will have lots to trade here.
 There were probably about a thousand 1992 Ultra cards. I already had most of the set so there will be a LOT to trade from this set.


  1. It may be a week or so before we can put a deal together, but I've been building '92-'93 Leaf, '92 Stadium Club and '92 Ultra. Want lists are up to date on those.

  2. Thanks again for the tip! Glad you got some cool stuff.