Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Picked up some more minor league cards

I bought more minor league card sets on ebay. I couldn't resist 25 of the 26 AAA teams in 1989 ProCards for just over a dollar a set shipped. (Only the Padres team in Las Vegas was not in the lot.) I think I'd better stop with ebay before I get carried away.

These cards have an interesting variation that I would be curious if any of you readers know about - I couldn't find anything about it online. I realized it because I had one of the sets, the Iowa Cubs, from my previous minor league set lots.  The fronts are identical:

But the backs of the cards I just got include full 1989 stats - the cards I had before only go up to 1988!
Are there two versions of each card from 1989 ProCards - one with 1989 stats and one without? I would be curious if anyone knows more about this variation.


  1. The 1989 AAA set was issued both as team sets and in packs. I suspect the differences lie in the distribution and timing when they were released. I suspect the cards issued in packs are those with the 1989 stat line. I can confirm my Bernardo Brito and Steve Howard cards from 1989 both came from packs and both have the 1989 stat line.

    The 1990 ProCards AAA set was also issued in packs (the cards with the white border and the rounded green box containing the player name and position), but were released after the end of the 1990 season, so all the cards contain the 1990 stat line. I suspect the same was the case in 1989 since it was the same company that distributed both years. However in 1990, the pack-issued cards were a different design from the team set cards (which had the wood grain border).

    Which means I now have some variations to go track down for what I thought were two completed player collections!

  2. And, if you were wondering why the Vegas team set was left out, that's probably because of one of the cards in it, the Keith Comstock card. It's the one with the infamous staged photo of Comstock getting hit by a baseball, you know, there.

    It was that photo that Paul Noce used as the inspiration for his CMC card photo, the one where he's getting "hit" on his backside.