Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1987 Calgary Cannons (ProCards)

Calgary was the AAA team of the Seattle Mariners. I think I enjoy AAA cards the best because it means getting a card of someone you may only have one or two junk wax cards of. It's nice to see a familiar name in an unfamiliar pose.
Here's future Hall-of-Famer (in my opinion, anyway), Edgar Martinez.
 This set was sponsored by the Calgary Police Service, and each card had one of a handful of warnings on the back. Edgar reminds you not to be a show-off on your bike.
 Outfielder Jim Weaver poses as a pitcher.
 He reminds you not to shoplift - "It only takes 20 seconds to shoplift - but it destroys years of trust." How does it take 20 seconds?
 Here's Hall of Very Good favorite Ross Grimsley in his coaching days.
 Ross tells you - Don't Hitchhike - You may be thumbing your life away. Yeah, I wouldn't get in a car with him, either.

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  1. "How does it take 20 seconds?"

    Practice, practice, practice!