Saturday, December 29, 2012

1989 Tucson Toros (ProCards)

The Tucson Toros were the Astros AAA team. The shots in this set are fairly generic and are poorly lit but the photographer did a good job of getting personality out of some of his subjects.
 Steve Lombardozzi sports the "untucked" look. His son now plays for the Washington Nationals.
 Hatless Jose looks like he wants to beat somebody up.
 Charley Kerfeld looks like a fat mess, which is actually how he liked to portray himself. He was once caught eating ribs in the bullpen and once had a contract that paid him $110,037.37 plus 37 boxes of Orange Jell-O. He was well known in the late eighties but is largely forgotten today.
 Ron Washington is now the manager of the Texas Rangers.
 One of the great baseball names, probably the only one with the letters "jstrl" in a row.

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