Sunday, December 2, 2012

1987 Asheville Tourists (ProCards)

The Asheville Tourists were a Houston Astros farm team. "Tourists" has got to be one of the least threatening team names.

The Tourists' uniforms look more like the Rangers then the Astros. Ryan Bowen pitched several years in the major leagues where he got to use a bat. In 112 big league at bats he hit .176 with 0 HR and 3 RBI. He now works as a "Hitting and Pitching Instructor" at Homerun Alley in Carrollton, TX, where his picture on the website shows him holding a bat during his Marlins days.
 There are a few vaguely goofy-looking photos in this set.
 Here's another pitcher batting, this time bunting. Unlike Bowen, Wasilewski and Hall did not make it to the major leagues.

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  1. No love for the most successful player in this set? Granted it was almost all in Japan, but how can you not at least mention Karl "Tuffy" Rhodes?