Friday, January 6, 2012

Trade with Scott Crawford

Had another mega-trade with Scott Crawford, with well over 1000 cards going each way. Like Smed, he always delights with a great variety of cards from the last thirty years.

A lot of the cards were of the lenticular variety, including a bunch of 1987 Sportflics. I really love the photography in this set, though it is hard to capture in a picture.

I chose this card to show in part because of the odd error on the back - the number 8 appears to be upside down. No other 8s in the set look like this, with the larger circle on the top of the 8 instead of the bottom. Not sure how clear it is in this picture but if you have the card you'll be able to tell pretty easily.

There were also a bunch of cool 1979 Kellogg 3-D Super Stars cards. Though only 60 cards, this interesting set includes some folks like John Henry Johnson and Mario Guerrero who you wouldn't think of as superstars. It also includes a guy who was briefly a superstar, and was certainly paid like one - the patron saint of the other blog I write for, the Hall of Very Good - Ross Grimsley.

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