Sunday, January 29, 2012

One card left - 1991 Leaf and 1991 Upper Deck

If you're not aware, Night Owl has this great new feature called the One-Card Challenge, where you post sets where you need just one more card. I posted a few cards, including the one I needed from 1991 Leaf, Pat Combs. Captain Canuck of Waxaholic sent me that card.

He also sent me the last few on my wantlist for 1991 Upper Deck, about seven or eight cards.

He included a nice little note - "Glad to be able to finish off some sets for you." Indeed, he should have - except I made mistakes on both wantlists! Turns out I'm still one card short on both sets! Anyone have 1991 Leaf #38 Roberto Kelly or 1991 Upper Deck #100 Checklist to trade?

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