Friday, December 2, 2011

Jo-Jo Reyes on baseball cards

Jo-Jo Reyes was the second round draft choice of the Braves in 2003, and pitched four years in the major leagues for them. In 2011, he split his season between Toronto and Baltimore, going 7-11 in 29 games. He kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"There's a baseball card out there that has all my info but the picture is Mike Gonzalez.

The only baseball card I have is a Mark McGwire rookie card."

Thanks! I couldn't figure out which card had Gonzalez on it - they were teammates with Atlanta for several years. Here is a card of Reyes with Toronto.


  1. It's cool that Reyes answered your questions. I know that he never seemed to respond to fans at the stadium who were clamoring for his autograph.

  2. The card he's talking about is from the 2008 Topps set. Check it out...

    Jo-Jo Reyes:

    Mike Gonzalez: