Friday, March 11, 2011

I took the plunge - 81-85 Topps complete sets

Last night I bought the five complete Topps sets from 1981-1985 from a Craigslist seller. This is not something I would normally do, as I already had about 3/4 of these cards, but at about four cents a card I could not pass this up. Here was my reasoning:
a) it would cost as much to build the sets up slowly over time, buying piecemeal at flea markets, online, or shipping via trade. This is especially true for the several pricy rookie cards in these sets.
b) unlike cards from the overproduction (junk wax) era, there is more demand for cards from this era, so I should be able to "turn over" the doubles via trade.

So, I now have every base set Topps card from 1981-1992 except for four common cards from 1991 Topps (67, 194, 213, 390). Surely someone has those to trade?

Now that I have a couple thousand doubles from 1981-1985 Topps, please send me your want lists for these sets!

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on these babies.

It's one thing to see a card, another to have it. For example, I never realized just how much red was on McGwire's card. His hair and freckles seem especially red on this card.

Clemens rookie!

Ripken rookie!

My favorite of all - the Mattingly rookie!


  1. Not sure if you've seen my site, but I'm collecting all of the Topps sets since 1980, so I'm sure you'd have doubles of some stuff I'd need. I think I'd likely have some of the Upper Deck stuff on your wantlist - I can can check this weekend. I'll send you an email to follow up.

  2. Great pickups! What kind of shape are the cards in?

  3. I was just gonna give you a buzz about another round of trading, actually. I've got lists up for '81-'84 on my want list, give me a buzz.