Friday, March 25, 2011

Contest winnings from Cards on Cards

I recently won a 660-count box of cards from Cards on Cards for scoring high in his bowl game contest. I asked for a random assortment of minor league cards and mid-to-late 90's major league cards, and the results were awesome.

The one exception was to also include the 1986 Topps League Leaders card of Carlton Fisk, completing that set for me.

Some of the great major league sets represented include:

Upper Deck!

Stadium Club!




Donruss Super Estrellas! (the long-forgotten Donruss Spanish-language set)

Some of the great minor league sets represented include:




I chose this one to highlight before I saw last night's post from the Greatest 21 Days - who would think that this random card would get featured on two blogs in two days. The wonderful world of baseball card blogs!

1 comment:

  1. It is an odd card to be featured twice, Bo. But do you recall who Larry Pardo is? The guy who had that great exchange with Night Owl a couple years ago regarding his scout card. Now here's a non-scout card of Larry Pardo.