Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tim Pyznarski on baseball cards

Tim Pyznarski played nine seasons of professional baseball, making the major leagues in 1986 with San Diego. Now a salesman at Freedom Finishing, an industrial powder coating manufacturer, he kindly answered my questions on baseball cards.

"I do have a favorite baseball card. It is a Sportflics hologram card with 6 hot rookie prospects. Kevin Seitzer, Casey Candaele, Randy Asadoor, Rafael Palmeiro, myself and Dave Cochrane. I do not collect cards except for a couple friends that I played with or knew.
I was fortunate enough to make it to the Big Leagues and cherish the time I had with my teammates and friendships I made with them. "


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  1. I like 87 Topps one with the words "Future Star" on it. Seeing those on cards back thought you were sitting on a gold mine