Friday, February 11, 2011

Baseball card stories from Troy Cameron

Troy Cameron played eight seasons in the Braves, Indians, Rockies, White Sox and Padres organizations, hitting 88 home runs. Now a distributor at Spinal USA, a medical device company, and a real estate agent at Whitaker Realty, owned by former Yankee Steve Whitaker, he kindly shared with me some baseball card stories.
"Nick Green, who I played with for a few years in the Braves system, got his first baseball card through Bowman and he was so excited at the time to get his first baseball card in a big league set but once the card came out and he saw it for the first time he realized that it was my picture on his card. I would always bust his chops that he was lucky to have me on his card because i was better looking anyways...
My favorite baseball card would have to be my first. I thought it was so cool to go to a baseball card store and buy a pack of cards and hope that I get myself... LOL...I bought like 30 packs that day until I got my card...

I used to collect cards when I was younger and its funny how I associate years in the past with the way that year's baseball card looked like."


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