Friday, February 18, 2011

Text errors

2007 Topps had some interesting text on the back of their cards, but too frequently they were careless with it.

#579 Taylor Tankersley

Hey proofreader, it's "make do," not "make due".

#163 Dave Roberts

"Dave called 2006 'definitely my best season. I had a lot more power - for me - and hit more home runs and doubles."
Actually, in 2006 he hit 1 fewer double, six fewer home runs and his slugging percentage went down 37 points. I think he was talking about 2005 and Topps decided to change it to 2006 and hope no one actually looked at the stats.

#408 Kevin Millar

In the text Millar says he has an Amish beard. I guess, judging by the picture, that means the Amish are clean-shaven?

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