Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lyle Mouton on baseball cards

A fifth round draft choice of the Yankees in 1991, Lyle Mouton was traded to the White Sox in 1994 for Jack McDowell. He went on to play seven seasons in the major leagues for Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Florida. Now a Professional Baseball Expert at ShapeFit LLC, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.
"I don't collect cards but have a few(besides my own) that I have acquired of teammates. I have them for memories for my kids and hopefully for grandkids down the road. I have had fun with some of the photo shoots for the cards. Not all were action shots but some were actually planned by the photographer. Those were mostly the minor leagues cards. My favorite card is one of me in my Chicago White Sox grey uniform where I am squatting like a catcher while in the batter's box against the Angels. The most unique card is one of me with James Mouton's signature. Its one of the mistake cards that may one day be valuable."


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