Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ken Howell, Gum Thrower

I still haven't posted all the great cards I got a while ago from Smed. This classic from 1991 Upper Deck features Ken Howell arguing with the ump in San Diego. Howell pitched in one game in San Diego in 1990, on May 16. So what happened?

Turns out he was ejected for throwing gum at the umpire!

From the Philadelphia Enquirer:
"Howell walked Fred Lynn on four pitches. Howell walked Mike Pagliarulo. And then, he said, he "lost his composure."
He said he felt that, at that point, plate umpire Jim Quick had changed his definition of the strike zone.
"I thought we had had a real good relationship," Howell said.
After the walk to Pagliarulo, Howell had words with Quick. Then he threw his gum. Leyva came out of the dugout fast, walking briskly to the mound while signaling for Parrett.
As Howell stormed off, dugout-bound, glove in one hand, cap in the other, he hurled more invective at Quick. That's when Quick ejected him, even though, of course, he already was out of the game. For a moment, the two men were chest to chest, but Leyva and his dugout assistant, Hal Lanier, shoved Howell into the dugout."

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