Saturday, March 2, 2024

Wallet Card at the Pearline Washing Compound sign

Some construction in the Upper East Side has revealed a large advertising sign that had been hidden from view for a century. 1357 Second Avenue had been built in 1930. At some time before that, a very large sign was painted on the wall of the neighboring building, for James Pyle's Pearline Washing Compound. This laundry soap first started being manufactured in 1877, and was made in New York until moving their factory to New Jersey in 1903. In 1912 the company was purchased by Procter & Gamble, who continued to use the Pearline brand name for some time after.

The demolition of 1357 Second Avenue has allowed much of this old sign to now be visible. (The top was painted over at some point.) If you look closely at the Pearline logo (under James Pyle's name) you can see "OK" - considered one of the first uses of that term in advertising as a symbol of quality.


  1. What a fascinating discovery! It must have been so cool to uncover that after the demolition of the building that blocked it.

  2. That sure is an oldie. It's too bad that the top was painted over.