Friday, March 1, 2024

Newsday - July 17, 1969

 Who needs a photo on a newspaper cover?

A big brawl at a political convention in NYC (there was a mayoral election that year). As politically charged as things might seem now, it's nothing compared to the late 1960s.
A big Sunday for TV. Mets coach Yogi Berra takes a swing at a ball. On the left, another sphere.
The Mets and their big first-place dreams. These were the days when the Mayor would send a telegram for a team for a big mid-season series win.
Tom Seaver leading the Mets in cheers after the game - "Let's hear it for Ernie Banks!" "The hell with Ernie Banks!" Stay classy, Mets.
Two of the biggest young stars in the American League featured here, with Rod Carew and Carl Yastrzemski.