Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Vintage Backgrounds: 1968 Topps Bill Singer

On my last vintage backgrounds post I confused two Dodger pitchers in the '68 set, Jim Brewer and Bill Singer. Commenter Jim from Downington kindly pointed out my error and corrected it. Well, why not do one for Singer too?

Not much of a background here but still an interesting detail. Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts recently showed a '57 card with a player whose sleeves were ripped. Eleven years later, still years away from the riches free agency would bestow on them, a player still had to get by on some worn-out clothes.


  1. Seems like someone could put together a fairly decent 'torn clothes" collection if they were so inclined.

  2. And to think the Yankees were set to trade an unknown pitcher named Ron Guidry to the Blue Jays for him. The President of the Blue Jay's vetoed the trade. Ooops.