Sunday, March 28, 2021

Some pickups from the original wood set

 I used the last of my $5 eBay coupons to acquire what turned out to be a very nice lot of '62s. The price was probably depressed by the seller calling it a "poor" lot. Looks like this seller sells almost all current cards and didn't realize just how nice these were for 1962s - probably some of my best-condition overall.

Some famous baseball dads, an early Mudcat Grant, and my first of the great '62 in-action cards.

Some more nice cards, some classic vintage "characters" like Moe Drabowsky and Albie Pearson, and some great backgrounds on the Kralick and Hershberger cards. I'm planning a "vintage backgrounds" post on the Hershberger.
Half of this lot consisted of semi-high numbers, which was a nice surprise. 
Some nice all-star cards here, including another Colavito.
One interesting thing to note was the back of some of the semi-highs, which were released around the time of football season. Note the advertisements on the back of some of the cards for the football set. (I don't have any '62 Topps football but would love to get some, it's one of the best designs Topps ever produced).
This was a 32-card lot. I don't have that many '62s, so I needed almost all of the cards. These two, however, are available for trade:
A lot of people compare this set to '87 Topps, the other famous wood-grain set. That is the set that set off my collecting, as well as possibly more card collectors than any other set. If anything, it is kind of an underrated set now just because of the overproduction at the time and the many rehashes Topps has done lately. Does '87 stack up to '62? Would a regular series comparing cards from the two sets be interesting?


  1. Great pick up and (possibly) taking advantage of a flipper! I'm with all those other 1987 Topps collectors; I've always wondered if I would actually have been a collector if I started with 1986 or 1988.

  2. For the most part, that is a pretty good looking lot... some really decent names too!

    There doesn't seem to be any takers yet, so if it's still available, I'd be interested in the Frank Lary.