Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Vintage card breakdown

Got some awesome vintage cards in a trade with Baseball Card Breakdown. I hope he likes the 1970s cards I'm sending him as much as I like these.

Here are few modern cards to start off. The four 2015s leave me just needing the Kris Bryant rookie to complete that set.
 These '75 mini's look giant next to that 1969 Topps stamp.
 A few needs from '74. Those vertical cards look real nice.
 Whole lot of 1973s, including a couple of Yankees.
 Some random mid-late-1960s cards.
 Lots of '64s! I didn't have very many of this set before. Seeing all of them together, the different-colored team names really pop, in a way I didn't realize when I looked at them one card at a time.
 Some great-looking cards from the early 1960s.
 Some fun cards from 1960.
 A dozen from '57. I've seen that Elmer Valo card on a few blogs.
 Finally, finishing off with a foursome of 56s. Sure, each one seems to have been cut to a different size, but I'm totally fine with my vintage cards looking like that. I'd love to trade for anyone else's vintage beaters.