Monday, November 21, 2016

Free Street Box Part Two: The Autographs

When giving me the box Al pointed out a bunch of autographed cards. He explained to me that he bought the whole collection of a dealer many years ago and these were in there. There were no letters of authenticity so who knew if they were even real. 

All the cards are from 1986 and 1987. Assuming they are real, and I think they are, then I think someone was getting autographs at games in 1987 and these were the cards they had. I checked out autographs of all of these players online and most of them matched. I also noticed when doing this that a lot of players seem to have quite different autographs from item to item. I am guessing that over 30 years its not unusual for an autograph style to change. Looking at how spot-on most of the autographs were leads me to believe that they are all authentic.

Al also said when giving them to me that "they are all no-names" anyway. I remember when names like Jack Clark, Willie McGee and Carney Lansford meant something.
 Dave Smith passed away in 2008, unfortunately putting a premium on his autographs.
 Certain teams are over-represented in these cards, leading me to believe the person who got these was going to games and getting whoever stopped by him.
 Two Redbirds and a Red.
 Wayne Tolleson is the only Yankee in the bunch. Lots of his autographs online look like this one where he appears to write "Wayne Games-"
 Three Brook Jacoby autographs.
 Three Craig Reynolds autographs.
 Two Rick Manning autographs.


  1. Rick Manning has always been a very prolific autograph signer. He always took time after games in Milwaukee to sign.

  2. I would love to trade for Mickey Tettleton.

  3. (IMHO) 1986 Topps baseball was meant to be autographed. Great stuff.