Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A $1 pack from Chameleon Cards

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, before picking up the free baseball cards I had a few minutes to walk around the financial district. I passed a non-descript storefront which just had neon signs that said "CARDS" and "COMICS". My first thought was that it was a stationery store that sold greeting cards and comic book, but it turned out to be a trading card and comic store. I almost missed it because it blended into the rest of the street - perhaps that is why it is called Chameleon Comics and Cards. There were a bunch of dollar team bags stuffed with cards and I bought one - 38 cards for a dollar and I needed all or almost all. Only way to beat that is to get the cards for free.

I picked this particular pack because it had a Yankee on top.
 Lots of 2016 Topps, both base and chrome.
 Lots of 2016 base too.
 But I also picked this particular pack because it looked like it had a lot of variety, and it did not disappoint. I love random cards like a 2000 Topps Gallery high number. Especially for less than a nickel.
 Several 2000 Upper Deck cards.
 I saw a bunch of blue borders and figured they would be 1991 Score or something. Nope - some very cool Ultimate Victory cards including Griffey and Clemens.
 And this awesome shiny insert from the same set.