Sunday, November 20, 2016

Free Street Box Part One: The Weird Stuff

When Al gave me the box I referred to in yesterday's post, he said it was a bunch of weird random stuff he had lying around that he wanted to get rid of. A little bit of baseball but a lot of other stuff. For free I'll certainly take a look at weird/random stuff. All of the non-baseball (and some of the baseball) stuff here is up for trade if anyone has an interest:

A bunch of loose cards and unopened packs of "Steve Jackson Battle Cards" from 1993. You can find out more about this set from the Fighting Fantasy Wikia. Doesn't mean anything to me but maybe its a big deal for one of you readers.
 On the left, a few BMX racing trading cards. On the right are a bunch of "NBA Jam Session" oversize cards. All are Knicks.
 A shiny Japanese promo card, a Transformers sticker, a Flubber promo card that is lenticular (Sportflics-style) and a Pink Panther cereal-box give-away still in its wrapper from 1989. I actually recognized having it when I was a kid.
 A whole bunch of Fleer Double Headers, a few of which were dupes if anyone needs.
 Five Jose Canseco unlicensed Broder cards. The two night cards I already had. Night Owl - do you collect unlicensed night cards?
But there was something else in the box that was much, much cooler. Stay tuned...

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