Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wallet Card at the most beautiful McDonald's in America

Going to start sprinkling a few Long Island ones along with the NYC ones...
The Denton House in New Hyde Park, NY, was originally built in 1795, and expanded into a Georgian mansion in 1860. In 1986, with the mansion abandoned and in disrepair, the property was bought by McDonald's with the intention of tearing down the mansion. However landmark status was pushed through immediately after the land purchase, leaving McDonald's the unintending owner of a landmark. As a result, McDonald's could only refurbish the mansion and convert it into what some have called "the most beautiful McDonald's in America."


  1. Wow. Much nicer than the run-of-the-mill Mickey D's I've seen.

  2. Nice! I am glad it was saved. I'm a big fan of old buildings, architecture is one of my favorite subjects. I hadn't heard of it before, thank you for posting!