Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trade with View from the Skybox

I got almost a thousand cards in a great, epic trade with View from the Skybox. I don't buy current retail so the way I get almost all of my modern cards is through trades like these - almost all of the cards were from the past five years.

Here are a few highlights:

I finally got my first 2013 Topps base cards, including these great card of Brett Gardner, one of the very few offensive threats left on the Yankees.
Another 2013 set that was new to me was Panini Prizm, which he sent a bunch of. I think these cards look great - they're much shinier than they look in this picture.
 Speaking of shiny, here's a super-shiny A-Rod!
 This may have been my favorite card of the bunch. I take the subway when I go to Yankee Stadium. You can't see it from the street but it would be past the right side of the photo. Therefore, I never approach from this side on 161st street. I will have to check out this cool baseball artwork next year.

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