Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Trade with Swing And A Pop-Up

Got a ton of great cards in a monster trade with Swing And A Pop-Up, mostly Yankee and minor league cards. Here are some highlights:

A 1992 Greensboro Hornets team set. This will get it's own post. Two members of the Core 4, and Shane Spencer, the Home Run Dispenser!
 There was a near-complete set of 1992 Front Row Draft Picks. I have a ton of near-complete sets of '91, but needed most of '92. Lots of interesting players like John Dillinger, who played eleven years of minor league ball and recently became one the very few ex-professional ballplayers to come out of the closet.
 My first base card from 2013? Nope! This one is from the Update set. Nice Mariano Rivera lurker.
 Tons of cool Derek Jeter cards, like this one with Jason Giambi lurking in the background. There were a ton of cool Giambino cards as well.
 Some great Don Mattingly cards too.
 There were even some really vintage cards from the mid-1970s. I'm pretty sure I have this card already so it is up for trade.
 Two Derek Jeter rookie cards I did not have featuring him in the uniform of Kalamazoo Central High School.
 There were a bunch of want-list set fillers too, like this one of Mike Kingery and a wiffle-ball bat.
 Lots of minor league cards from sets like Classic, CMC, ProCards and Line Drive. Check it out, a Puig card! Those are worth a lot, right?
 I have the correct version of this card but now I have the error version with no TM logo under the eagle's wing!
 Completed set - 1980 Topps! Now I have the complete run from 1978-1995.
 There were a lot of early-80s Yankee Fleer Star Stickers which were a lot of fun. This smily Dave Winfield may be my favorite of the bunch.

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