Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Player Profile: Marc Barcelo

I have three cards of Marc Barcelo. This one is from 1995 Upper Deck Minors.

Playing career: Marc Barcelo pitched in the Twins and Cubs organizations from 1993 to 1997. In 1993 and 1994, he was 13-7 with ERAs around 3.00. In 1995-1997, he was 16-23, with ERAs over 5.00.

Where he is now: He has turned from baseball to golf (his brother is a pro golfer formerly on the PGA tour) and is the Head Golf Pro at the Lakewood Ranch Country Club in Florida.

My memories: Only know him from his card.

Google Autocomplete results: He is second when you type Marc Barc, between Mark Barclay and Mark Barclay Prophecy 2012, both of which refer to a “Preacher of Righteousness”. Another prominent Marc Barcelo is a Steadicam operator.

Coming up next: The next profile will be Scott Barczi.

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