Monday, May 20, 2013

Awesome trade with Nolan's Dugout

Got so many terrific cards in a recent trade with Kyle of Nolan's Dugout. We connected through Night Owl's very helpful One-Card Challenge. He is a Yankee fan and also collects parallel sets like Topps Gold and Leaf Black Gold. He not only completed two sets for me but sent me a whole bunch of other terrific cards.

1992 Upper Deck - completed!
 2007 Topps - completed!
1980 Topps - with Tom Terrific in my hands, I am down to three needs to finish this set - Johnny Bench, George Brett and Reggie Jackson.
 Great shot of Carlos Perez acknowledging the cameraman.
 Don Mattingly batting righty? Nope, it's a reverse negative.
 Sad-faced Alvaro Espinoza.
 Mark McLemore - peace sign or V for Victory?
 Bernie Williams showing off the guns.
 Napping John Kruk - I think this is one of my favorite cards ever.
 Hi, my name is Joe Girardi.
 The lighter side of Randy Johnson.
 This is a great card capturing a great moment from my favorite Yankee year, 1996. It's largely forgotten now just how much excitement Darryl Strawberry brought to the team. I would guess this is from his 3-HR game against the White Sox.
 Any ideas where this photo was taken? I assume some Toronto landmark?

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  1. I always assumed that clemens photo was taken at casa loma but I don't know for sure. I'm gonna pick up one of those darryl cards for the armband.