Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pedro Guerrero on baseball cards

A lifetime .300 hitter, Pedro Guerrero played fifteen years in the major leagues for the Dodgers and Cardinals. A five-time All-Star, his best season was 1985, when he led the National League in both slugging and on-base percentage as he hit .320 with 33 HR and 87 RBI to lead the Dodgers into the playoffs. He can now be found on Twitter (see my note below) as @PedroGuerreroLA, and he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I really don't collect cards. I always thought that Canseco '86 card would be the s**t but i guess not. I liked the 80s cards."

(For those like Night Owl who are skeptical as to whether this is the real Pedro Guerrero as the account is unverified, here is my reasoning why I think it is him. In his first tweet, he thanks his agent Jose Melendez, who is best known as the agent for Jose Canseco. Both Melendez and Canseco follow Guerrero, and Canseco has tweeted him directly. In another early tweet, he mentions that he is doing a signing at a place called Harry's Dugout. Harry's Dugout's twitter account follows Guerrero and his website mentions the upcoming Guerrero signing. So it seems that people who would be interacting with Guerrero are treating the account as legit.)


  1. I think it's real, too, but I've learned to always qualify everything, especially on the internet.

  2. Now way. They can't put anything on the Internet that isn't true.