Sunday, May 22, 2011

Player Profile: Reggie Abercrombie

I have two cards of Reggie Abercrombie. This one is from 2009 Topps. It depicts Abercrombie getting thrown out at the plate in the Astros' 2-0 victory over the Rockies on September 6, 2008. You can find the original picture by Associated Press photographer Jack Dempsey on the AP website.

Playing career: Abercrombie was a backup outfielder for the Marlins in 2006 and 2007 and the Astros in 2008. He is now playing for the Sioux Falls Pheasants of the independent American Association.

My memories: I hadn't heard of him until I got this card.

Google Autocomplete Ranking: He is third when you type in Reggie A, between Reggie Awards, which honor bold thinking in promotional marketing, and Reggie and the Full Effect Lyrics (Reggie and the Full Effect was an indie rock band). There do not appear to be any other prominent Reggie Abercrombies.

Coming up next: Tomorrow's profile will be Brent Abernathy.

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