Friday, May 20, 2011

Player Profile: Kyle Abbott

I have seventeen Kyle Abbott cards. This one is from 1993 Donruss.

Playing career: Kyle Abbott pitched four seasons for the Angels and Phillies. Was 1-14 with a 5.13 ERA for the Phillies in 1992; 3-3 combined in his other three seasons.

My memories: I remember getting his Topps rookie card in 1992 and thinking he might be a big star. Guess not.

Interesting stories: Son of former A's minor leaguer Larry Abbott. In high school originally wanted to pursue water polo instead of baseball. Was a waiter at Harpoon Henry's in Dana Point, CA in his minor league offseasons, according to this 1991 LA Times article, which also described Abbott's smooth moves in picking up his future wife, Kathy: "She and Kyle had met in a Huntington Beach bar several months earlier. Kyle was a customer, Kathy was in her first week as a cocktail waitress. Kyle was following her every move all evening, and she finally lost her cool and dropped a tray of drinks. They met while he was on the floor, helping her pick up the debris, and the romance flamed quickly."

Where he is now: Co-founder of Pro Source Athletics in Lewisville, TX.

Google Autocomplete Rankings: Kyle Abbott is second when you type in Kyle Ab, between choreographer Kyle Abraham and Kyle Abrahamson, a highly regarded high school basketball player in North Dakota. Another prominent Kyle Abbott is a minor villain character in some recent Batman comic books.

Coming up next: Tomorrow's player profile is Paul Abbott.

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