Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yankees from I Heart Halos

In reply to my recent challenge to the various Yankee-haters to put their money where their mouth is and send me their hated Yankee cards (in return for cards of their favorite team), Ryan of I Heart Halos sent me not one but two bubble mailers filled with Yankee cards. Ryan made a good point in the comments about why so many baseball fans outside of New York don't like New York teams - the constant oversaturation coverage by the media. I think native New Yorkers like myself don't realize how irritating it can be for the rest of the country. This probably doesn't just go for sports but for all kind of media coverage. For example, as a New Yorker I take it for granted that I will see the Times Square ball-drop on New Year's Eve, but I was kind of surprised to see it on TV the first time I was out of the NYC area on New Years. There I was in a suburb of Pittsburgh, seeing the New York new years celebration following the evening news from New York. I thought it was weird, and I imagine for the Pittsburgh natives it must have been irritating.

Most of the cards he sent were from the last five years, which is cool because most of my cards are in the 1986-94 range, so there were few duplicates.

Here's Melky Cabrera at Shea Stadium, with some Yankee fans in the background. On the back we learn that he got his unusual nickname from his sister. I'm sure John Sterling is grateful to her, considering how many puns he makes off of that name.

Here's a card I didn't have from Pink Hat Day at Yankee Stadium.

Getting a Don Mattingly card I did not have is always awesome!

Hmmm, an Angels card somehow slipped in . . .

I got my first Humberto Sanchez card on the day the Yankees released him. . .

Here's my favorite, because I was at this game!

I was impressed with how quickly and effectively he pitched that day. Next Sunday will be my first game at the New Yankee Stadium, where they will be playing Ryan's Halos.

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  1. I'm glad you can find some enjoyment from these. Sorry about mixing in the Angel card, but the man has no place in my collection. haha