Thursday, April 30, 2009

What does a Yankee card have to do with the Mets bullpen?

The other day I posted this 2006 Bowman card featuring Melky Cabrera in Shea Stadium.

As the Yankees only play one day game there a year, it was easy enough to find out how he did. Turns out it was this game from May 20, 2006, when the Yankees entered the ninth inning down 4-0 and scored four runs in the ninth off of Billy Wagner to tie the game. Melky walked and scored the tying run in that ninth. The Yankees would win it in the eleventh on an Andy Phillips RBI single.

Then, as now, it is nice to know that as bad as the Yankee bullpen is, like giving up five runs in the ninth yesterday, the Mets is even worse, with JJ Putz doing his Billy Wagner impression.

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